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 You may have heard that we're working on creating a trade interface and a system that will be enjoyable and easy to use. We believe that trading is a great way to build a community, and many of us will enjoy the opportunity to trade with others in order to acquire the items that we particularly want. This aspect, then, is an important part of both the social and the economic functions of the game

What if you could purchase a charr-skin rug for your guild hall? How would you like to purchase naming rights for your pet? What if you could buy town clothes, to cast that special image while you're hanging out in Lion's Arch or Ascalon City? Now, I'm not saying that any or all of these things will be purchasable, because at this point, I'm not sure if they will be. But those of just three of a plethora of ideas about fun ways to spend gold while at the same time maintaining the important economic balance of the game.


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